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  • Includes: 1 rechargeable electric adult toothbrush, 1 charger, 1 travel case
  • Your smart electric toothbrush guides you to brush better: Connect via Bluetooth® and target spots that need extra love
  • Powerful sonic vibrations in 3 modes: Personalize your pulse by choosing the vibration level that best suits you; normal, sensitive, or deep clean
  • hum your way to clean while earning points toward rewards
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  • $69.99
  • $69.99

meet hum.

The smart toothbrush that guides you to brush better.

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  • sonic vibrations

    hum your way to clean

  • 3 modes

    normal, sensitive, deep clean

  • connected brush

    target spots that need extra love

  • rechargeable battery

    keeps going for 10 days

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This toothbrush has changed my brushing routine. I love the guided brush and I look forward to brushing my teeth. The toothbrush itself is good quality and I love that it is rechargeable!

Washington DC
1 month ago

Don't believe it

I purchased this brush in mid October, relying in part on the representation that a full charge lasts ten days. Initially I loved it. My teeth felt great, the brush and app were easy to use. It's now early December and my brush routinely goes dead, without warning, mid brushing session—less than two days after it was last charged. Really not what I paid $70+ for. And of course the app doesn't provide an easy customer service resource, so this is apparently my only option for seeking a solution. Very disappointed.

Columbus Ohio
1 month ago


The guided brushing is amazing! It ensures you brush all teeth for the recommended amount of time. Theres also a test brushing that will tell you what you missed afterwards.

Council Bluffs IA
2 months ago


This toothbrush cleans as well as a Sonicare toothbrush. It is very light and the app is easy to use. Sometimes during "guided brushing", the app claims I'm not in the zone I'm supposed to be in (even though I am). I'm surprised the guided brushing gives the same spots to brush in the same order each session. I was always taught to mix up the order so you don't wear away the enamel on your teeth. Overall, the brush does clean well, it's easy to use, fun to collect points (which count towards discounts!), and motivating. I'm glad I purchased the brush.

Teeth cleaner
2 months ago

Great toothbrush... glitchy app

I love the toothbrush but am frustrated that the app is so glitchy. Since the app was the main reason I bought the toothbrush, I am disappointed.

3 months ago

Ergonomically designed Masterpiece!

This is one of the lightest and most ergonomic toothbrush designs in the market right now. It comes with a tongue cleaner at the back which is very convenient. The app that comes with him comes with a lot of features that helps guide and correct the brushing techniques. However, like with any other product's first launch, this too has its fair share of flaws that can be corrected in the next version. The app definitely needs to be reworked to show better insights. The speed controls aren't available and makes it feel a little weak when brushing.

3 months ago
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The good and the eh

The toothbrush and app helped me to see where i was brushing and where I tend to gloss over. While the guided brushing was OK it was picky and at times annoying. The toothbrush was very powerful and my mouth did feel super clean afterwards. I liked the style and the charging base and it fit easily in my hand.

3 months ago
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Clean teeth

The guided brushing option teaches you a lot about how well you're brushing. The app experience was excellent.

3 months ago
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Most Modern Toothbrush

A unique, innovative, and game-changing toothbrush. It does a pretty good job cleaning your teeth. It's a very sleek and attractive looking brush. I also really like the sleek travel case that it comes with.

3 months ago
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Gane changer

The Hum by Colgate smart rechargeable electric toothbrush is an interesting idea. I like the sleek and slim design as well as the app.

3 months ago
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