the hum kids smart manual toothbrush

introducing the hum kids toothbrush – an Augmented Reality adventure where great games lead to better brushing habits.

coral brushyellow brush

available in two colors:

Choose your colour.

your adventure includes:

  • one manual toothbrush, one AR connector boot, one phone stand.
  • colorful Augmented Reality dots that track brushing progress in a live game on your phone or tablet – where monsters are conjured in spots that need attention.
  • refresh or swap out more brushes for every kid in the family.
  • small brush head, extra-soft bristles, and an ergonomic grip – designed for kids and the monsters they hunt.
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fun now.

better brushing


red monster shaped like tree branch

AR dots

Augmented Reality dots track your child’s brushing movements

ergonomic grip

designed for a kid-sized grip

replaceable brush

refresh or swap out brushes for every kid in the family

the hum kids by Colgate app

download the app and launch better brushing habits.

smiling monkey with banana

love for hum kids toothbrush