make brushing
fun and effective.

great games lead to better habits with the hum kids toothbrush

daily routines get a level-up

turn your everyday routines into 2-minute brushing games.

blue monster

Augmented Reality-powered brushing

colorful Augmented Reality dots share brushing progress in a live game on your phone or tablet – where monsters are conjured in spots that need attention.

track every brushing session

a parents-only dashboard in the hum kids by Colgate app helps you monitor every kid and their progress.

monster incentives

rewards successful brushing with new worlds and fresh monsters.
red monster shaped like tree branch

AR dots

Augmented Reality dots track your child’s brushing.

ergonomic grip

designed for kid-sized hands.

replaceable brush

slaying monsters is messy work. keep your brush fresh.

the hum kids by Colgate app

download the app and launch better brushing habits.